We replace complex Excel spreadsheets and paper forms with smart apps

We build custom mission-critical smart web and mobile applications that replace complicated, messy, unwieldy spreadsheets and paper-based field forms that are prone to errors and require a lot of manual labor to populate and maintain.

Our knowledge and experience gets the job done, right.

Born as an environmental consulting firm in 1991, we can?with confidence?say that we carry deep knowledge of the environmental, electric utility, and health and safety industries.

Adesso Sync Engine

In 2008, we acquired the intellectual property of the Adesso Sync Engine, a now mature, enterprise-grade database product powering a multitude of applications requiring rich full bi-directional offline sync and highly granular user permissions. We use this engine, along with other tools, as the underlying database schema for many of the apps we build. Because of its rich API, we can hook in apps built in .NET, Java, and other languages relatively easily. **NOTE** As of 12/31/16 we are no longer developing new apps on the Adesso Platform.? It is being used solely to host and maintain existing apps built prior to that time.? We have since migrated new project development to a new platform?XForms.

Small jobs too!

If you are in need of a simple online form or static website in WordPress, we do that too. And if you need something more complicated, like a database-driven application to replace a messy and complicated spreadsheet or really complicated forms, offline capability, complex workflows, or remote full bi-directional sync with automatic conflict resolution and audit trails?and you can?t seem to find anything in the marketplace that fits your needs?contact us to discuss your particular project.

No application too big, no job too small.

From commissioning/startup software at multi-billion-dollar power plant construction projects to health and safety incident rate statistics and contractor scorecards recording millions of contractor hours annually, we have developed (and often host) mission-critical applications for large firms, including Duke Energy, American Electric Power, Arcadis US, and others, saving them literally thousands of work hours per year entering, managing, and distributing their data.

We can help you go digital.

Our passion is the elimination of paper-based processes. As such, we have attempted to replace millions of paper chain-of-custody forms with electronic equivalents. This effort resulted in EnviroChain?, an electronic chain of custody platform which we initiated and then licensed exclusively to Promium, makers of ElementLIMS, a lab information management system powering roughly 40% of the environmental laboratories in the world. Through this effort, it is our hope that the environmental industry moves from inefficient paper forms to smarter electronic forms using iPhones, Android phones, and other modern devices.

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Our happy customers.


?What I wanted from Terraine was a system that was user-friendly for the coordinators. We relied on Terraine to select the mobile devices, and they put together the best technology available at a reasonable price. It gets us away from paper, and allows me to look at inspection information in real time from my office. I can hone in on my assessments. I?ve saved at least one day a week in travel.?

Mike Godber

QC Supervisor for American Electric Power

?The innovative approach Terraine has taken in environmental data collection and management is especially noteworthy. By using computer and communications technology when collecting environmental sampling data, Terraine has maximized data collection efficiency, improved reporting accuracy, and significantly reduced the time and costs associated with routine groundwater monitoring events.?

Michael A. Singletary

Environmental Engineer for NAVFAC Southeast

?I would like to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the Environmental Restoration Program with the Navy BRAC Program Management Office South East. I would like to also commend you, your technical staff, and project team members for the excellent job you have done in helping NAVFAC Southeast operate, monitor, and continually optimize our soil and groundwater remediation projects. I commend you for your hard work and extend my congratulations on a job well done.?

Barbara Nwokike

Former Remedial Project Manager, NAVFAC SE

?Terraine?s professional staff has been highly competent in the work that they have performed for us. They have been able to perform work at multiple sites concurrently during this contract and contract extensions, have been very responsive to project requirements, and consistently produce high quality deliverables in a timely manner, within budget.?

George C. Matthis, Jr.

Head of Trust Fund Branch for NCDENR

?Terraine has consistently submitted high quality reports on-time. I commend your conformance to project requirements and prompt deliverable submission. Working with Terraine has been a pleasurable experience, and I hope our working relationship with your organization continues.?

G.S. Johnson, Jr.

Facilities Support Manager, USMC Camp Lejeune

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