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In 1991, Terraine began business as a typical environmental consulting firm, performing a large quantity of environmental investigation work including underground storage tank removals, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, groundwater investigations, and remediation of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated sites.  Clients included private industry, state government agencies, and Federal agencies including the National Park Service (Great Smoky Mountain National Park), the US Navy (NAVFAC SE) and the US Army Corps of Engineers (Louisville KY, Huntington WV, and  Tulsa OK Districts).  From 1995 – 2004 Terraine was certified as a 8(a) minority firm.  After graduating from the SBA’s 8(a) program, Terraine was then certified by the SBA as a HUBZone firm.  Currently, Terraine is certified as a small business under several NAICS codes.

Over the years, and primarily during performance of the US Navy’s long-term monitoring work at various BRAC facilities, Terraine began developing a knack for using technology to collect large amounts of data electronically on small devices in the field where internet connectivity was either lacking or unreliable.  It is through these efforts that Terraine discovered a killer product called Adesso which was developed by some genius folks in Boston.  This particular product allowed someone to create forms, use them in the field on ruggedized devices to store data locally, and then sync them up to a central server when internet connectivity was available.  Once the data was available on the server, a click of a button was all that was needed to generate report-ready forms including graffiti-style signatures using Crystal Reports plugins.  This was way back in the dark ages of 2004, a full 5 years before any of this sort of thing was even remotely popular.

Flash forward to 2016, and Terraine has owned the intellectual property to Adesso longer than its original creator.  We use Adesso as our main database schema engine powering a multitude of enterprise-grade applications that we have built for companies like Arcadis, AEP, Duke, and others.  While we like building things using our own database tool, we also have used MS SQL Server natively as well as MySQL.  Other technologies used include Xamarin, .NET, and Java.

Most recently we are working on a new safety software product initiative using Microsoft’s Azure cloud service, DocumentDB, Ionic Framework 2, AngularJS 2, and .NET Core.


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