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Excel + email works fine…
Until it doesn’t.

Using Excel and email to manage OSHA safety statistics works for small companies. These tools are relatively inexpensive, and widely used. At some point however?once companies reach a certain size?that type of process (Excel + email) becomes unwieldy, cumbersome, time-consuming, very expensive, and prone to an abundance of human errors.

At Terraine, we build innovative applications that streamline these processes to improve the performance of your organization. Our applications are customized to meet the unique needs of your company. With our centralized system, contractors enter their safety statistics information over a web browser, and that information is immediately available to those that need it. No transcription errors, no compiling spreadsheets, and no need to spend countless hours on menial work.

Up to date safety statistics are available immediately, in the formats you already use including Excel, PDF, or both. We even offer innovative analysis tools allowing your employees to quickly and effectively gauge the most important information to make informed, strategic decisions. Our cutting-edge applications improve the accuracy of your safety information, improve the efficiency of your organization, and save you money.

Example Applications

Below you will find a collection of some of the real-world applications we have developed and deployed.

Commissioning Procedures

To date, we have created, deployed, and managed commissioning procedures/startup applications for 3 large-scale coal-fired power plants: a multi-billion dollar IGCC plant in Edwardsport Indiana, a plant upgrade in Cayuga, Indiana, and a plant installation in Megalopolis, Greece. At the Edwardsport plant, around 60 startup personnel (electrical, mechanical, and instrumentation technicians) used the system concurrently on a daily basis.

This project consisted of over 60,000 devices categorized into 225 startup codes. Each device type contained its own unique input form format. Startup technicians would pull up a device code on their ruggedized tablet, and the proper form would display, with all necessary inspection fields. Input data included signature capture at various levels (technican signature, supervisor signature, etc) including date/time stamps. Backend calculations would be conducted every 4 hours to calculate % complete by startup code, engineering area, and down to an individual device. This information was utilized by the startup manager on site to compare projected completion rates versus actual completion rates.

All told, over 500,000 pieces of paper were saved by using the digital system created, hosted, and managed by Terraine.

Safety Statistics/OSHA Incident Rates

We created a pretty cool system that has replaced literally thousands of complicated multi-worksheet spreadsheets at a large electric utility company. Now, instead of copying and pasting values from a bunch of incoming spreadsheets sent via email into a ?master? spreadsheet, the person in charge of safety stats can review/edit/approve/delete the data entered by contractors and plant managers themselves.

In addition to basic statistics, this database is also used for managing recordable incidents and near misses, with plenty of details such as body parts affected, textual description of the incident, names of the injured, and type of incident. An entire review and approval workflow is also present in the system, so that incidents investigated and found to have occurred outside of work can be recorded as such without impacting the company?s own incident rates.

Over 2.5 million manhours are entered into this database application annually. Now their data is considerably more accurate (fewer keyboard entry errors), statistics such as OSHA incident rate and craft comparison graphs are available in near real-time, and the overhead labor cost of entering and managing their statistics data has dropped by at least an order of magnitude.

Contractor Scorecard

Another application we have created for a large electric utility is a contractor ScoreCard application for the transmission and distribution group. This particular database application is used to track OSHA incident rates, DART (Days Away, Restrictions, and Transfers) rates, and vehicle incident rates. Like the safety statistics application, the ScoreCard app captures extensive event details, including work type, job classification, rain/non-rain event, injured body parts, and other details.

Over 15 million contractor manhours are recorded annually into this system. Report generation can be done in an ad-hoc manner and also scheduled to be sent automatically to certain stakeholders on a weekly basis.

Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) Certifications

We replaced an aging Lotus Notes application at a large utility trying to manage their internal certification program consisting of almost 300 certified inspectors which to date have generated over 2,400 certification requests. This includes weld checkers, weld checker planners, weld inspection specialists, red dye checkers, and other specialty inspectors. Now the program manager can view upcoming certificate expiration dates well in advance of actual expiration using color-coded records and flags. Email notifications fire automatically to both the inspector and the manager, notifying them of upcoming cert expiration 30/14/7/1 days before expiration.

The system is also used to schedule classes and generate actual certificates. A certificate form builder is present in the system and includes a signature capture component as well. Built-in automated workflows reduce the amount of time spent in the system by the program manager so he can do other things.

Environmental Data Gathering/Field Data Collection

Soil and groundwater field data collection applications were created for Arcadis US, a large environmental engineering and consulting firm. These applications, built using Adesso?s internal form designer, were primarily used as a starting point for their Environmental Data Gathering (EDGE) efforts as they learned how to leverage our Adesso technology. Now a dedicated internal team within Arcadis is responsible for developing a multitude of environmental data collection apps, including treatment system O&M, soil boring logs, and virtually any field effort conducted by their environmental technicians, field scientists, and geologists.

Nowadays, the front end of most of their apps are built with technologies such as Microsoft Silverlight, which sit on top of the Adesso sync engine and communicate locally via the Adesso ODBC driver. When an internet connection is available, the data collected remotely on ruggedized devices?including binary data such as signatures and photos?is then synced to the Adesso Server, after which other tools such as LogPlot, ArcGIS, EQuIS, and Sharepoint can then extract pertinent data programmatically from Arcadis? Adesso Server via AdessoSQL web services API calls.

Electronic Chain of Custody Platform for the Environmental Industry

In late 2010 we launched a chain of custody initiative to develop what would eventually become EnviroChain?, which is now licensed on an exclusive basis by Promium LLC. The premise of EnviroChain is simple: use an iPhone or Android phone to collect environmental sample chain of custody details, including sample IDs, sample date/time, # of containers, analytical methods, shipment details, signature capture for relinquishers/receivers, field instrument data, photo capture, etc. Once the CoC is submitted by the sample generator, this information is pushed directly into a laboratory information management system (LIMS) via a set of APIs, so that the lab will know of an incoming shipment a day ahead of arrival, and not have to re-enter the information when the samples arrive at the lab. Sounds simple enough, but behind the scenes it has proved to be quite complicated, particularly since even today, in 2015, most folks in the environmental industry still swear by paper and still have a hard time grasping the concept of electronic signatures when it comes to sample chain of custody and documentation. Regardless, electronic alternatives to paper are here to stay, and it is our belief that systems like EnviroChain?, which we helped nurture from a mere concept into a real working product, will become the norm, not the exception. A great article about this is posted on Jim Young?s Medium page.

The EnviroChain? platform consists of a web application, an iOS app, an Android app, a web application, and a set of APIs for CoC extraction by the lab. The native phone apps run in offline mode, so they can be used in locations where internet access is absent. Once in an area of connectivity, the apps can be synced to the EnviroChain server. Field data capture is also available from within the entire suite of apps. This includes standard field instrument data such as pH, conductivity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, water levels, etc. But it also includes field test kit data for use with natural attenuation parameters (e.g., Hach test kits, Chemetrics test kits) as well as the ability for you to enter your own parameters and set their display order. Florida ADaPT is also supported.

BernieSez Traffic Ticket App / Law Firm Lead Generation Platform

About 2 years ago, a Raleigh lawyer came to us with this idea ??Why do we lawyers still send out letters in the mail to people that get speeding tickets? Why can?t someone just take a picture of their traffic ticket, upload it to a website, and get lawyer bids?? While not exactly in the energy utility or environmental industries, it was an interesting enough idea to take a stab at and see if we could do exactly that. This effort led to what is now known as BernieSez, which is slang for ?Bernie the attorney says??.
The underlying database platform used for BernieSez is Adesso, while the front end is a java application using the Spring framework. iPhone and Android native apps built in native code communicate with the database backend via AdessoSQL web services. Other technologies used in the system include Selenium for web scraping, and Pentaho Kettle for data transformation.

Our latest effort with this platform is to expose all the historical data we have from the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (NC AOC). It?s a ton of data. We have over 35 million court case records spanning from 2008-2013. The idea behind this open data effort is to provide better transparency when it comes to our judicial system. More info about this open data initiative can be found on this ?Black Lives Matter? blog post.

Traditional Method

Let?s say a large company has 2 plants, and each plant has 5 contractors that work there. Using traditional methods of excel and email, gathering safety statistics for each contractor is an inaccurate and time consuming process. First, contractors send a weekly spreadsheet to their plant manager who must then compile the spreadsheets into one file. Next the plant managers must send the compiled weekly reports to corporate, where another employee will have to compile those spreadsheets into a ?master? file. It?s a bunch of cut and past actions? All. Day. Long. The end result is a cluttered mess of multiple spreadsheets, each with multiple worksheets. Not to mention the precious time and money wasted every week through these menial tasks.

With a customized app by Terraine?

In contrast, with the customized solutions we build, contractors enter data over a web browser and that information is immediately available to everyone that needs it. No transcription errors, no compiling spreadsheets, and no copy and paste. Up to date safety statistics are available immediately, in the formats you already use including Excel, PDF, or both. We even offer innovative analysis tools allowing your employees to quickly and effectively gauge the most important information to make informed, strategic decisions. Best of all, our customized applications save your employees countless hours of meaningless work, saving you money.

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