Yay! ?After quite some time updating the Android version of EnviroChain Mobile, it is finally available for download. This latest version includes support for custom field data, meaning that if you want to display certain field parameters on the field data capture screen in a particular order, or your own custom parameters, you can do that now on Android.


To set this up:

  • Log into the web application from here:?https://envirochain.promium.com/welcome.htm
  • Go to My Account > Preferences > Standard Field Data Preferences
  • Set up the parameters you want to make visible and in what order (you can add your own custom parameters on that screen)
  • Save your changes (duh)
  • Launch EnviroChain Mobile on your Android device
  • Sync your app?by tapping on the sync icon displayed on the top right of the home screen
  • Start entering field data (available from the Advanced tab of the Samples screen)

That’s it! ?All of your custom field data that you enter on your Android phone or tablet will appear on the Field_Data_WorkSheet of the Excel file that you and your lab will receive via email. ??If you are in Florida and need Florida ADaPT field data, this application also supports that. ?I will write up a separate?article specifically about Florida ADaPT at a later time.


Download EnviroChain Mobile for Android Now

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