Use a tablet or smartphone instead of paper and clipboard for your safety forms

Building a better mousetrap from scratch

A new product is in the works. ?It’s called XForms/Safety and we are excited about it! It?is being built using best-of-breed modern tools under the hood, including CosmosDB (a NoSQL database) hosted?in Microsoft’s Azure cloud, Ionic Framework for mobile, AngularJS for web, and .NET Core for REST APIs. ?Core functionalities will include:

  • Your very own custom safety forms, not someone else’s forms or generic ones
  • Workflow-driven subform creation and auto-population
  • User-customizable lists
  • Several levels of user permissions and controls
  • Routing of forms needing review and approval via email and push notification
  • Reporting and user management via web application


Modern tech under the hood

Use your own familiar safety forms

(not someone else’s)

Use your own forms instead of adapting?your workflow or process to someone else’s forms. ??With XForms, we?add your own forms?and workflow to the system. ?Typical forms we can work with include (but are not limited to):


  • Near Miss, Accident, and OSHA Recordable Forms
  • Daily Inspection Forms and Checklists
  • Safety Talks/Tailgate Safety Meeting Forms
  • Electrical Forms such as Lockout/Tagout and Electrical Permit Forms
  • Excavation Work/Confined Space Permit Forms
  • Mechanical Forms
  • Instrmentation / Equipment Test Forms
  • Other forms

Any type of?safety and/or inspection form your organization uses can be added to the XForms platform for your company’s use. ?You are used to using your forms, so why change your process to accomodate someone else’s forms? ?The software should accomodate you, not the other way around. ?XForms works the way you work.

Use any OS and any form factor

(not just one specific operating system or device type)

Use an?iPad, a?Samsung Galaxy Tab, an iPhone, an Android phone, or a Windows Phone natively, without an internet connection.?Prefer to use a Macintosh laptop or Windows desktop? ?XForms?apps run on?those too. ?Or use a web browser on your PC, Mac, or laptop. ?Our solution is nearly hardware-agnostic (with the exception of Blackberry…we don’t run on that OS) and works with most anything that is relatively modern, even Linux.

An uncluttered? dashboard

An uncluttered dashboard that displays?only the data that matters to the user using the device. ?Includes:

  • View data vertically in landscape mode, and data in columns when the device is in landscape orientation. ?This auto-detection of orientation and device type makes it easy to use a small screen smartphone to view your data.
  • Simple filtering mechanism to filter and find specific records.
  • One button click to start a new main form.
  • Tap on the hamburger menu to slide out a menu with additional actions.
  • Tap on a record to open that record, where you can then view it, edit it (depends on the user permissions and other controls), or print it to PDF.

Uncomplicated list editor

Access and edit your own custom lists from the sliding menu, such as:

  • Contractors
  • Employees
  • Clients
  • Projects

Depending on the user permissions, toggle?a record?from active to inactive, add details as appropriate, add a new record, delete a record, etc.

Start?a new main form with 2 taps

Tap on the + button on the bottom of the screen to start a new main form.

  • Select a form from the popup by tapping on it
  • Fill out the form from top down
  • Move your tablet?into landscape orientation to view two columns per row instead of 1

Start a subform by tapping on a checkbox

XForms/Safety supports?workflow-based subforms creation, which is a complicated way of saying that by tapping on a checkbox, you can start a subform and pre-populate it with some of the same information you entered on the main form. ?This helps the user by automatically creating the correct subform, and inserting already-entered information without having to re-enter the same information on the subform.

Sign a form using your finger

Tap on the “Sign Here” field to popup a signature block.

  • Use your finger to sign the form
  • Automatically captures e-signature data, such as geolocation, date/time, and machine ID

Route forms for review and signature

  • Automatically route forms needing review and signature to the right person(s) in your organization once you save the form.
  • Email and push notifications alert the recipients of an incoming safety form review request.
  • Once reviewed, email and push notifications are sent back to the form initiator, alerting them of form approval or rejection including comments/notes.

Print to PDF and/or send by email

  • Print?a completed form (or subform)?by tapping on the PDF icon on the top right of the screen.
  • Use the zoom in/zoom out controls to get a closer look at a specific area of the PDF.
  • Tap on the email icon to send the form to someone by email.

Reporting web app and user administration

  • View and filter all activity from a single web dashboard
  • Simple search tools to find, export, and print historical records
  • Actionable analytics with drilldown capability, giving you big picture overview and ability to dive deep into the weeds
  • List editor management
  • User management including permission settings, roles, and active/inactive status

Your own forms, inside a modern digital platform

Use your own wording, language, checkboxes, and fields on your forms. ?The same ones your organization is already used to using. No need to learn any new terminology. ?Add more forms not available in our current list of forms. Print to PDF in the same exact format your forms are already in. ?We can customize your experience such that it is minimally disruptive and follows your existing form nomenclature and workflow.

Contact us for a demo or for more information on how XForms/Safety can help your organization.

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