Our latest?product initiative: to build a better safety forms application for collection?of safety data while at a jobsite.

Modern toolset under the hood

To build a better safety forms data collection?system than what is currently available in the marketplace (such as Latista, Intelex, etc), we started by choosing relatively modern tools and frameworks that are well established and have a solid amount of support behind them. ?This includes:

  • DocumentDB in the Microsoft Azure cloud (data store)
  • Ionic Framework (native phone apps)
  • AngularJS (web app)
  • .NET Core (APIs)
  • pdfmake.org (PDF generator)

DocumentDB is a NoSQL database. ?It is lightning fast and isn’t your traditional structured database. ?Instead of tables and columns, it uses what is called “collections”. ?As such, building forms doesn’t require you to bind data the traditional way, where you first place an object on a form and then bind it to a database column.

Ionic is what is considered a hybrid app technology, similar to the older PhoneGap. It uses web technologies wrapped inside a native phone application. ?One of the main benefits of hybrid apps is that you build once, and can deploy to all types of devices without having to create custom code for each device type and OS. ?In other words, build it once, and deploy on iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, Android phone, Windows Phone, and even Microsoft Hololens.

Meet XForms/Safety…coming summer/fall 2017

Putting it all together will take some time, but so far, our safety forms product?looks very promising. ?It’s very fast, runs natively on any iOS or?Android OS device, and even includes print to PDF and email features. ?The first release will contain up to 14 safety forms, including:

  • lockout/tagout
  • confined space permit
  • energized equipment permit
  • excavation work permit
  • GFCI inspection form
  • safety inspection checklist
  • toolbox safety talk
  • near miss report
  • voltage verification
  • injury/illness report

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