Custom field parameters

A new?cool feature was recently added to EnviroChain?: custom field parameters. ?With this new feature, you can add?your own parameters to the field data screen of EnviroChain, sort them in whatever order you want them to be in, and push those out to your field crews. ?That way, only the field data parameters that you are interested in appear in the field data screen. ?In the old version of EnviroChain, you could either display (and use) our standard field data or the Florida ADaPT field data set, but you could not enter your own.

This new feature was added at the request of several labs who perform a lot of drinking water field sampling. ?As such, they were interested in collecting chlorine data, but not interested in all of the natural attenuation parameters that are included in the standard field data that came embedded within EnviroChain.

How to get started: set it up on the web app




Getting started with custom field data is easy. ?Log into EnviroChain?as a sample generator and then go to My?Account > Preferences > Standard Field Data Preferences. ?From there you will see three tabs: Field Instruments, Hach Test Kits, and CHEMetrics Test Kits. ?These were set up this way?mostly to handle?natural attenuation sampling events. ?However, if you are not interested in these parameters, just uncheck them from the “Active” column. ?Only parameters that are “active” will appear in the field data screen on the web app and mobile applications (note: you have to sync your phone in order to to see this change in the native mobile apps).

You can also change the display order from top to bottom by selecting a parameter (click on the “pick” radio button) and then clicking on either the up or down arrows on the far right of the screen labeled “move rows”. ?Moving the order automatically moves the order on the native mobile applications as well!

Note that you can do this for all 3 of the tabs (field instruments, Hach, CHEMetrics), giving you lots of flexibility.


Pushing these preferences to your field team

If you do all of the above as a sampler administrator, you are basically done and don’t need to do anything else. ?Now, if one of your field team members wants to use your field data preferences instead of their own, and they are designated under your group, they need to log into the web application, go to My Account > Preferences > User Preferences and set the “Select Customized Standard Field Parameters of” to “Admins”. ?That’s it! ?If they ever need to disable this and use their own field data preferences, they can revert it back to their own preferences.


This is a very welcome new feature for an already nice platform for environmental sampling and chain of custody control. ?Give it a try. ?Click the link below to check it out.

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